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Hormone Sync Fitness & Nutrition Program  

Are you tired of dealing with mood swings, bloating, and cravings during your period? I know I was. That's why I spent years researching and experimenting to find a way to balance my hormones and keep my symptoms in check. After a year of following my own program, I've seen huge improvements and I'm excited to share it with you.


This program is designed specifically for women, because unlike men who have a 24-hour circadian rhythm, our hormones fluctuate on a monthly cycle. By adjusting our workouts and nutrition according to where we are in our cycle, we can make the most of the high times and control symptoms like cravings, cramping, and bloating during the low times.


For example, contrary to what many fitness programs recommend, during the week leading up to our period, it's important to reduce our training intensity and gradually increase our calories. This helps reduce stress on our body and prevents cravings that can derail our progress. And during the week of ovulation, when we get the best results from intense workouts like HIIT, our body can handle more restrictive diets like fasting or low calorie without increasing stress hormones like cortisol. By knowing where you are in your cycle, you can make small adjustments to your food and fitness routine that make a big difference in your overall results and period symptoms.


In addition to adjusting your workouts and nutrition, there are other simple tips that can help balance your hormones. For example, eating more cooked, warm foods during your period and raw, cool foods in the week after can help with cravings and estrogen levels. Avoiding processed sugar, alcohol, red meat, dairy, oils, and caffeine can also improve your hormone balance.


Even if your period is irregular or you no longer have a period, the program can help you manage symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain, and mood swings. Take control of your hormones and feel your best every day of the month!

For any one who wants to have a program designed specific to their cycle contact me with questions and to sign up! This the program runs for 8 weeks and includes workouts and nutrition coaching for $300.00. 

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