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Fellow Empaths, I got you!

Like some of you it took me a long time to realize I was different in this world. I felt things deeply. I noticed feeling different in different groups of people. Certain crowds would bring me way up or way down. I was sensitive to noise and large crowds. What I didn't realize until my mid 30's was I was an empath. I was picking up on other peoples energy. After learning more about sensitives and empaths over the years I have learnt that they need to be trained differently. I first learned this working on myself but soon noticed I could pick up on my clients energy and very quickly learned that they benefitted from tuning into these energies during their training. I've now been able to work with clients online through email and text message this way. Learning that some clients just thrive when you change the approach to fitness and nutrition to take into account their sensitivity to energy.

All too often we have been taught that "no pain no gain" mentality when it comes to fitness and nutrition. It's engrained into us that fitness needs to be hard and diets suck. And yes to some degree there are people who thrive with that challenge. They flourish by being pushed to their limits in the workouts and feel disappointed if they don't get super sweaty during the workout and feel sore the next day. But some people need a different approach. They need gentle guidance. If they push too hard their body shuts down and they stop seeing results. They are sensitive to the energy I bring to the training or the coaching. They are sensitive to my tone and approach. They are sensitive to their surroundings and sometimes the gym makes them uncomfortable. Their results can very greatly due to their surroundings at work and home life. They thrive when I take into account the energy I am bringing to them. They see better results when I take into consideration whats going on at home and work. When we are in the gym I find areas that are not busy and feel safe or I meet them in their home for training. Just a few small adjustments to their training program and they thrive. When coaching them in nutrition they may need different recipes that take into consideration the energy of the food or the stress in their environment. All of this I have learnt by learning about myself and then working with countless clients over the years and seeing how each one responds so differently.

The one size fits all training and nutrition programs are a thing of the past. If you are a sensitive or an empathic person you will greatly benefit from taking into consideration your surroundings, the energy of others including your trainer or coach and the others in the gym, work and home life.

If you relate to this post and want to find out more about how you can thrive as an empath in your fitness and nutrition routine. Please reach out, I am more then happy to help you. It was a struggle for me and I want to help anyone dealing with this. I offer free consultations, and am always happy to answer email and messages from anyone looking for help.

I have a few great programs like my 6 week reset program that is the prefect match for sensitive and empathic people.

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Take care of yourself out there.

Sincerely Lisa

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