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I offer a wide variety of services and make every effort to help each individual reach their goals. 


I am always honoured when a client trusts in me to help them with their journey. Since 2006 I have been helping people reach their goals, through private training and small group sessions. I take their individual needs very seriously and work with them to achieve what they set out to. 

Nutritional Coaching

Nutrition plays a key role in the health of our body and mind. You need to fuel your body with the proper nutrients. With all the fad diets and trendy information about nutrition out there, it's hard to know whats right. As a certified nutrition coach I help guide you with a nutrition plan thats right for you. 

Wellness Workshops 

Topics such as women's wellness, body image, High vibe reset, nutrition, meal prep, smoothie bowls, meditation, mind/body/spirit etc... 

Stay tuned for the next up and coming event!


Book your private small group workshop with you friends and family. 

Hormone Sync Fitness & Nutrition Program

This is completely customized program, designed to accommodate your unique menstrual cycle. 


Contrary to popular fitness and nutrition programs. This program has specific nutrition and exercise protocol for each phase of your cycle.  

Receive your customized program within 48 hours of signing up. Which will included nutrition protocol, custom workouts for each of the 4 phases as well as unlimited support from me for accountability, questions and adjustments to the program. 




Transformation Packages  

The ultimate package to reach your goals. This program is my biggest success! Receive custom nutrition coaching and workouts plus regular goal orientated check in's from me for accountability. 

For more info about this program contact me directly. Each individual's program is entirely custom to them. 

6 week Reset 


Are you ready to take your fitness and nutrition journey to a whole new level?



Join me for my 6 week reset program  and learn how to truly "thrive" when it comes to your lifestyle, fitness and nutrition program. 

This is more then a fitness program. This is the whole mind/body/spirit package for total lifestyle reset.

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