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Personal Training

One on one & online coaching   


Online or in person, as a certified personal training specialist I provide training sessions, programs and workouts that are customized to you, your abilities and your goals. Book one on one sessions or share the session with your friends.


Training Locations 

Total works gym in Drayton Valley: No need for a gym membership to train with me at this fully equipped fitness facility. Come in for a free consultation and private discussion about your goals, and I'll give you a tour of the gym. With 3 levels and a wide range of equipment to suit all fitness levels, this gym has everything you need to reach your goals. And if you're shy or uncomfortable in a gym setting, there's a semi-private training room available for you to use. Come in and see for yourself why this is the perfect place to train with me!

In home (Drayton Valley, Buck Lake, Alder Flats, Buck Creek): If you live in the Drayton Valley, Alder Flats, Buck Lake or Buck Creek area and are looking to have a trainer help you contact me for available times. I have been offering in home training to various clients in the area for over 15 years. Whether it just one session to learn a fitness program designed for your equipment, a few sessions to get you into a routine or regular on going sessions to keep you on track towards your fitness goals.  

Book a free consultation or jump right in for your first session! 

Personal Training Prices:

1 session $72

4 sessions $274

8 sessions $528

12 sessions $749


Online: This is a my most cost effective method of training with me. Like all me training I provide completely customized workouts and nutrition programs, designed to meet your goals. When booking online fitness training and or Nutrition coaching with me I ask a variety of questions to help me get to know your circumstances. Based on the goals we discuss and the equipment you have available I will design an entirely customized workout routine for you. If this is a one time program I am available via email or text message for questions and adjustments to the program as needed for the first week. If you need more accountability to keep you on track I have monthly coaching packages available were you will be checking in daily with your progress and I provide regular check ins and feed back throughout the month to keep you on track with your program. 

Online Training Prices:  

1 time custom fitness program design $60

-add nutrition plan $40


1 month online custom fitness coaching program $100

-add nutrition coaching $50



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