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September is the new January

How much fun was that summer? If you are like me and many I have spoken to you enjoyed yourself tremendously, indulged and fell out of your regular fitness routine. It seems pretty common. Our summers are so short and must be enjoyed to the fullest while they last. But as the temperature slowly drops and we find our schedules slowing down, many of us find ourselves a few pounds heavier or a little less in shape then we were in June and are ready to get back at it. I just want you to know that it’s perfectly okay. The memories made and the good times had are well worth it and your body will bounce back. There is no need to rush it. In fact by punishing ourselves and enduring grueling workouts and boring diet plans we reinforce a message that we are not enough unless we meet certain standards. But by choosing to get back into a routine of regular exercise and healthy nourishment we can create a lifelong pattern of choosing what is naturally best for your mental and physical well being long term. And when we can live in a space of caring for ourselves in a way that truly allows us to thrive physically and mentally our body naturally finds its healthy weight. But on top of that we glow we radiate a beauty that can not come from any diet or fitness plan on earth. Those who can find love for themselves and choose movement and nourishment based on that love truly have an eternal beauty that glows from within. So my wish for you as we return after a summer of memories made with family and friends is to look within and allow yourself to love, care for and speak to yourself the same way you would treat your most cherished loved ones. May you find peace and that youthful sparkle of someone who radiates love from within.  

If you are wanting more guidance, help or support with this journey I will be running a free 30 day reset starting September 11th that focuses on this exact goal. Reply to this email to get your name on the list to join. 

I also have my pride and joy of an ebook available on my website for you to download which covers this very topic as well. 

From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best on your journey and I’m here to support you in any way I can. 

With love 


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