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Mindfulness practices that really help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals!

One of the cornerstones of my 6 week reset program will be practicing mindfulness. Using meditations, journaling gratitude and intentions, as well as saying affirmations around each meal. Also each time you are choosing movement in a way to exercise your body.

Pausing and allowing mindfulness around each meal and workout, will reduce any stress in the body. Not only will this improve digestion and absorption of the nutrients but it will improve your mood and energy level. Your results and enjoyment from the exercise will also improve.

Here is a fraction of the information you will receive during my 6 week Reset program where I teach you how to reset your mind, body and spirit. Re learning how to truly thrive on your journey to health and fitness. Click the link below to find out more info about the program in July 2021

Practicing mindfulness: Before each meal or workout. Take a moment to sit quietly. It doesn't need to be long, even just a few breaths. Quiet your mind. Focus on your intentions around this meal or workout. Ask your body for guidance on what food or exercise it needs for optimal nourishment and health at this time. Be prepared to honour that message if one comes to you. Bring awareness to any cravings, patterns or habits that come up around each meal. Notice patterns in your feelings around workouts. Do you enjoy morning vs evening? Do you have less energy when you are menstruating? Don't feel judgment around what comes up, just bring awareness to it. Maybe the message from your body is subconscious. Take a few more deep slow breaths, maybe even noticing the smell of your meal cooking, allowing your digestion to become prepared.

Journaling: This is a life revolutionizing type of food and exercise journaling. Practice it before and or after, and maybe during each meal or workout. Or as much as you have time for, even a few minutes at the end of the day to go over everything and write it down is good. But I find in the beginning of these practices it can be more affected to journal feelings and emotions as they come up. I recommend a small portable journal, or using the notes in your phone. Take a moment to first write in your journal what your intention is for this meal or workout. Consciously setting intentions around anything you do will be a life changing habit. So much of our day to day is unconscious behavior with no real thought or intention. Then write any thoughts, feelings, emotions or messages that come up. Now finish your entry with a few things you are grateful for. Whether it is the meal or exercise or just something positive in general. For example I love to express my gratitude for the nourishment of the food I am about to eat as well as all the people it took to grow, transport and prepare my food. Or I am so grateful for my body's health, strength and mobility, allowing me to move and perform during my workouts.

Affirmations: Use one, all or make up your own affirmations to say. Say them, write them down or just think about them before and or during each meal and workout.


This meal is the perfect nourishment for my body, it gives my body exactly what it needs and I have enough energy until the next meal.

Intuitively I am always guided to choose the perfect meal. Even if I may have been taught it is wrong or unhealthy. I trust my inner guidance.

My body is a fine tuned machine that burns through this meal and uses it as fuel for my abundant energy.

My body is perfect no matter what or how much I eat.

I love my body and chose to fuel it for optimal health.

I am releasing the rules I placed around my meals before.

Your own affirmation/s: ______________________________________



*Side note: These affirmations go for all foods. Whether you’ve labeled the food “good” or “bad” limiting the self talk to positive affirmations only during this reset.


I love that I am able to move my body.

Moving my body in this way is an act of self love.

Moving my body gives me energy and makes me feel happy.

I am strong. I am powerful. I am fast. Etc…

Intuitively I know exactly in what ways to best move my body.

Your own affirmation/s: ______________________________________



Give some of these practices a try and you won't believe the shift in your mind and body.

To Find out more about my 6 week Reset July 2021 click below!

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