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Did you know that in some way this doughnut can be healthier for you then this apple?

Yup you heard me right. Don't get me wrong I think apples are a much better food then doughnuts, but let me explain.

I'm going to walk you through a couple of different scenarios here.

Scenario #1: Imagine just for a minute that you are craving a doughnut. Maybe for days, maybe for weeks or maybe just hours, but the craving is strong. Now imagine someone sets down a box of freshly baked donuts next too you. You salivate at the thought of biting into the gooey pastry. The smell and the sight of them are almost unbearable. But you say to yourself that those doughnuts are bad for you. They are going to make you even fatter then you already are. So instead you pull that apple that's been rolling around at the bottom of your lunch bag for the last week out and brush it off on the side of your pant leg. You begrudgingly bit into it almost as a punishment for even thinking about eating the doughnut. I mean you have to fit into that swim suit next month and you haven't lost a pound in almost a week now. It's time to buckle down even harder then before. As the juices from the dried out apple hit your tongue you wince a bit from the bitterness. You eat the apple down so fast while distracting yourself from the meal by scrolling through your phone, in a hope that it will fill the void in your stomach long enough for you to forget about the doughnut. All while feeling a resentment towards anyone who is stuffing their face with the doughnuts right in front of you. I mean how could they!!! "Ugh... Well at least I won't look fat on my vacation", you think to yourself... Maybe this is the last of it but you sit with that resentment for hours until every last doughnut is gone or latter that evening you might even find yourself rummaging though the pantry to find anything sweet. You can't take it anymore that doughnut has been on your mind all day and now, you cave! Your eating anything you can get your hands on that in your mind might have the same "unhealthiness" level as the doughnut, nothing seems to satisfy the craving. The craving seems to linger until latter that week you eat an entire box of doughnuts making you feeling sick and disappointed in yourself...

Scenario #2: Imagine now that same situation with the doughnuts but instead you take one. You sit down somewhere quite that you can be undistracted. You first ask yourself is this what I am really craving right now. And if the answer is yes you take your time to enjoy every last bite. You smell the doughnut allowing yourself to prepare for this moment. You reassure yourself that this one doughnut is not going to stall your progress, and give yourself credit for all the hard work you have been doing. You give your instincts the validation they deserve, knowing they know exactly what is best for you. You trust your inner knowing. The same inner knowing that beats your heart and heals your wounds without you having to tell it how to do it. That inner knowing, knows the perfect way to maintain the perfect body shape an size for you to be at your healthiest and happiest. With this mindset of gratitude for your body you eat your doughnut in peace. You savor each bite. You find thoughts of gratitude to fill your mind while enjoying every last bite... Awe you think to yourself after you wipe the frosting from your top lip, "that really hit the spot, I'm so grateful (so and so) brought doughnuts today. Now I can move on from that craving I've been having for them"... And you move on, happily ever after.

What scenario have you been repeating in your life? If it been similar to scenario number 1 and it has not been working out for you. You find yourself in a constant battle with your weight try giving scenario number 2 a try. It's life changing!

Check out my website for more insightful resources on fitness and nutrition.

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