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The one vitamin you might be missing.

The major vitamin that most of us are missing in food that nobody talks about is LOVE. I’m serious! This missing ingredient is a big part of the problem in our food. Think about it. Years ago when food was grown on small family farms, then sold by the farmer in the market and prepared at home. So much more connection and love was put into each bite right from the time of growth. Not too many people even know where their food is coming from when they pick it up from the grocery store. Was the worker growing and tending to the crops happy? Did he take pride in his work? Those really are questions that are hard to know. So unless you can shop local we might have to put extra effort into blessing our food with love after it hits our cart. For example I used to scour the produce iles with a bit of contemptment for the prices and quality of the food. I have since changed my mindset and try to focus on gratitude as I shop. When I prepared meals in the past it was usually in a hurry with a disdain for the work and the dishes. Now I try to slow it down, listen to music and focus on gratitude. We often ate out on the weekends in the past and it’s since occured to me that I can not be in control of the mood of the cook whille they make my meal. We don’t eat out very often anymore and when we do we try to choose owner operated small cafes and eateries and avoid large chains as much as we can. But the one thing I have ultimate control of during my meals no matter where it came from or who prepared my food is my mindset and attitude when I eat it. I always try to stay present during my meals. I avoid distraction from T.V., phones, computers, driving etc… I have since started a new type of food journal that no longer focuses on calories and macros and I like to write about my gratitude for the meal and fun affirmations around it.

Please let me know if you are interested in my upcoming nutrition seminar: "The end of Dieting. How to reconnect with your body to achieve a natural set weight that you can maintain long term. No more up and down." I will be booking the date and time once I know there is enough interested. If you have a preference for a time or day let me know.

Text: 1-780-621-7864

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